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Entry #2

Ok, now that I'm Validated...

2007-12-28 21:50:12 by NavLoops

Hey, this is NavLoops! Navij11's alt!

This is where I will be posting the loops I make for "GameMaker" games.

This is the forum where I take requests. Scroll down to the "Sounds and Music" section.

Anyways, check my track now! I think it works for a spacey scene! Many more tracks on the way! :)



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2007-12-28 22:14:48

wow an alt for submitting loops what an interesting idea

NavLoops responds:

totally i mean who woulda though of it rite?


2008-01-21 20:55:41

Hello Jacob i am in your interwebz.....................

NavLoops responds:

Ok. Isn't information that I know I gave away freely fun?